​Session of the Month



Hey Saskatchewan Chapter Members!

Every member is provided access to ARMA International's Session of the Month education.

The educational content is taken from past ARMA International Live! Conferences.

As a chapter member you can access these education sessions through the INEXPO platform.

As an associate or professional member of the chapter, you will need to register for access to these sessions in ARMA's online store using this link

If you are a professional or associate member it should be free.

But, if you are being asked to pay $9,999!!!!! this is an indication that something is incorrect with your membership so don't curse at the screen, just contact members@armaintl.org to help with your membership status.

Members will need to register for the product once each year. 

 This should take you to the Session of the Month part of INEXPO and from here you can access all of the session videos, notes, job aids, and handouts for each session.

Any questions about Session of the Month can be answered by your Region and Chapter team at chapters@armaintl.org.